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Moritz Kindler

webdesigner, creative

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October 2020 - now

Webdesigner @dreher.media

As a webdesigner at dreher.media, I create websites for classical musicians which stand out.

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August 2020 - now - now

designer @myfe

Myfe is an app that is created to help everybody to get an organized life.

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July 2020

internship @hafenkrone

Hafenkrone is a design agency based in Hamburg, they create awesome projects for huge clients like, Walter Music or IG-Metall.

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"the big goal"

“the big goal”, yes it’s a bit dramatic, but in my opinion, you should have a vision of what you want to create!

My interpretation of the big goal is to create a product, which is special, but also problem-solving.

This means I don’t want to create an awesome website with a crazy design and effects, I want to create a design that’s simple and easy to understand. Otherwise, the user would be very distracted and wouldn’t know what he should do. To combine a problem-solving product with a product that also looks dope isn’t easy, but what’s easy?

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“simple design
can be harder than complex”

Steve Jobs

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